Our quality standard

You often hear the statement: "All jingles sound the same!" - We can say with a clear conscience: "Not with us!"

Every single sound is recorded in our professional recording studio. We have everything a musician's heart desires:

  • - a modern sound-system
  • - a recording studio with the optimal room acoustic
  • - Interconnected instruments and sound programmes

With a lot of creativity and love for music, we are at work every day to find the perfect melody with a high recognition value.

We have more than 20 years of experience in our music. Thanks to countless projects as producers, songwriters, composers and musicians, we have "music in our blood" and know how a sound has to sound in order to "catch your ear" and then "stay in your head".

GEMA free music

Every video creator knows how difficult it is to find the right sound. Whether for commercials, image films or YouTube videos: to make your work easier and keep costs manageable, the buzzword is "GEMA-free music". This is often also referred to as royalty-free music. This is because you purchase a license to use music titles for projects without being asked to pay GEMA afterwards.

Our sounds are 100% GEMA free! You only pay a one-time fee for the use of the music title. This way you can easily keep an eye on the costs and can fully concentrate on your project.

Intuitive search on our platform

After the release, the music titles must also be found. For this we have created the music platform BAM!

No more scrolling and searching for the right sound. On our platform you will find the sound immediately. Just choose an emotion, an event and/or an instrument and discover your perfect sound!

Discover Sound now!

Your choice. your sound. your project