Terms of use

By purchasing one or more licenses for one of our pieces of music you automatically agree to our general terms and conditions. The agreement herein is not to be regarded as a legal document but as a contract that comes about simultaneously with the sales agreement. Owner and operator of BAM is Krug und Hecking (Sounzz) GbR. In the conditions below the purchaser will be called „Licensee“ and the owner will be called „Sounzz“ or „we“.

By purchasing a license for one of our pieces of music the Licensee obtains the right to use or modify a piece of music in the context of a licensing package. This right applies worldwide, non-exclusively and it is non-transferable. It is subject to the licensing model stated below.

In order to purchase a license, the Licensee is requested to create an account, including personal/business-related data and a functional, existing email-address. Business users are requested to fill in obligatory data such as the correct trade name and International Tax-ID. The Licensee is requested to secure their login details (password and username) thoroughly against misuse and to report such possible cases to Sounzz immediately.

It is prohibited to copy or pass on the pieces of music for any further use that goes beyond internal use within the Licensee’s own company or household, as is their resale, including parts or modified versions of the music. If necessary Sounzz has always to be credited as author in terms of copyright laws. The copyright will always remain with Sounzz and is protected by German copyright laws.

It is prohibited to use the piece of music in any context that presents a violation of the law, the laws of third parties, or in immoral, unethical, racist, inhuman, violent, pornographic or any other discriminating contexts. The Licensee will be held accountable for violations.

Sounzz seeks to make sure, that payment and downloading processes are effected smoothly, however we are not accountable for problems that may arise and do not lie within our responsibility.

We reserve the right to sell licenses to third parties at our own discretion.

Under no circumstances can we permit a cancelation of the purchase agreement within a statutory period as we cannot retrace the usage of the piece of music after the download.

We cannot accept any liability that goes beyond the licensing of our own pieces of music. The entire liability resulting from the act of sale shall be limited to the license fee the Licensee has paid for the license for a piece of music. The Licensee herein agrees he has no right to further guarantees or claims for compensation.

As we do not have any restrictions in terms of local or digital distribution, following rules apply:
Licensing Model #1 “private“
Usage for private individuals in a non-commercial context

Licensing Model #2 “business“
Usage for small to medium-sized businesses up to 100 employees

Licensing Model #3 “commercial“
Usage for businesses of more than 100 employees

Sounzz seeks to provide their licenses in a reliable manner, however cannot provide a guarantee for suchlike. Further we reserve the right to demand physical and digital deletion of a certain piece of music if - contrary to all expectations - it was subject to an infringement against a third party and would lead to a liability claim. In this case the purchase amount will be refunded.

The required licensing fees do not include taxes or customs duties. As is required by law Sounzz will additionally charge any due taxes, duties and fees to the Licensee’s account. This includes all sales taxes, license taxes and VAT. Upon conclusion of this agreement the Licensee confirms that the country of residence corresponds to the billing address.

If any individual provision or section of this agreement proves to be void or invalid this will not affect the remaining terms of this contract.

This agreement is subject to German law. The respective court of jurisdiction is Kempten.
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